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Have Book, Will Travel

January 28, 2013

Camille Hayes

L-R: Contributing writer Janet Frishberg, publisher Kim Wyatt, moi.

So! “Get Out of My Crotch,” the awesome collection of essays I’ve told you about, came out last week, and there were readings in Portland and South Lake Tahoe to kick things off. I figured, eh, the office can probably manage without my brilliance for a week, so I took time off and went to both events. I am SO glad I did, because as much as I enjoy sitting at home in sweatpants, pecking at my laptop and bouncing ideas off the poodle, getting out and actually talking to people about this stuff is way more fun. Portland was the launch party—it was at this excellent bar called Crush, which was rather dark (as excellent bars tend to be) and nobody had a real camera, so our pictures consequently kind of sucked. Here’s the one photo from that night that came out.

Telling the Portland audience, in detail, what Congress did to annoy me that week.

Another great thing about the readings was getting to meet some of the other contributing writers. At left is the lovely Janet Frishberg at the Tahoe event—her essay’s called “Endo” and it’s a great piece of writing; add it to the list of reasons you should just buy the book, already.

Suzanne Roberts organized the reading at Lake Tahoe Community College. She got 90+ people to show up on a Friday night to hear a bunch of feminists read aloud. Does she have superpowers?

One last, totally unexpected benefit of attending these events was finding out how many people are interested in hearing about public policy (no, seriously). My essay, “The Great Leap Backward,” is about the Violence Against Women Act; it’s a pretty complicated bill and takes some explaining, so I wasn’t sure how it would go over. But people were totally into it!

Janet with Shelley Hocknell Zentner, who did the book’s fab cover illustration

“You will not BELIEVE what John Boehner did yesterday.”

Everyone said it was a relief to have somebody explain policy in plain language. It’s inspired me to write a short guide to what you need to know about the Violence Against Women Act in order to be properly outraged that Congress is dicking around with it. Look for that next week! And if there are any other “women’s issues” bills/laws you guys have questions about, tell me in the comments—maybe I’ll write about them sometime.

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